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Agathe Dupérou


happily plays with the codes of ceramic, the original modelling material, exploding the form by reinventing its function: the plastic inventiveness is accompanied by a semantic shift and one guesses a disturbing but somewhat reassuring presence.
Enigmatic corporeality where the assignment of meanings is
diverted: screens and mirrors no longer reflect our own or the world’s image, they are called to be something other, organic, doomed to charge and change our gaze.
These non-functional object-things claim to be the bearers of a living interior landscape that remains elusive.

Text by Rosanna Gangemi



Espace Adaventura
Justine Court, Agathe Dupérou, Céleste Joly,
Thien-Ngoc Ngo Rioufol
14/10/2022 - 13/11/2022
33 Avenue de l’hippodrome, 1050, Brussels, Belgium.

« Revealing a state of mind, the house is the image of the people who live in it. It
shelters our memories, our forgetfulness, our insconsciousness, everything is lodged there like so many chosen objects, pampered, maintained, bequeathed, inherited, which inevitably end up undergoing the erosion of time. The images of the house are as much in us as we are in it, like a mutual, invisible imprint. As much by its external aspect as its interior, the house says an intimacy. Our attention is brought here on what the walls contain: the interior of the chrisalyde, cocoon without window, where the objects which remain there dialogue in the shelter of the glances. »



Glazed stoneware, porcelain slip, lilthium glaze